Saturday, March 31, 2012


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Recently I have been so inspired by blogs written by Christian homemakers and moms of many, I decided to start my own.  It is so uplifting to read about Godly women raising families who respect and love the Lord. In today’s world, there are not enough of those families. Even though I am not a mom of many, I look up to those women that are, and I respect their decision to let God decide how many children they are to be blessed with.  I am a mom of a beautiful 3 year old daughter.  I admit that in the years when my husband and I were first married, we did not turn that area of our lives over to the Lord.  I feel that God has convicted me on that and I have asked the Lord's forgiveness in this matter.  It was not easy to conceive our daughter.  We would love to have more children, but we are again having trouble conceiving.  In the process of going through testing, I was diagnosed with PCOS.  Looking back on all the years that I thought I was in control, I was being deceived.  God is always in control and his plans are perfect and so is his timing.  Since my husband and I realize this now, we are prayerfully living and praying for God to bless us with more children (if it is his will). I feel that I went through a bit of a grieving period trying to except that we may only have one child, but in the process God showed me that right now my focus needs to be on learning His will for our family and bringing up our daughter in the training and admonition of the Lord. So that is what we are concentrating on and that's where we are right now.  Is there anyone out there going through the same or a similar experience?  I want to hear about it, please reply to this post.

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