Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time for God...the challenge with little ones

Time for God...I always used to wonder how moms of many have the time for God.  I have (1) little and I used to find it such a challenge.  I would realize that days would go by and I had not taken the time to sit with my bible and meditate on the scripture.  When I would look back on those days, not surprisingly, they were stressful days that I had little peace and burdens that were either weighing heavy on my mind or on my soul.  My family and I had spent very little quality time together during those few days and I had worked myself to hard doing non-necessary projects (such as rearranging the furniture) or other non-priorities.  Satan is deceptive in a way that is so subtle sometimes that we don't notice till we have fallen for his tricks.  It's sad that we can be so easily distracted at times.  We have to always remember that Satan knows what our weaknesses are.

1 Peter 5:8

New Living Translation (NLT)
8 Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

In those times, this verse comes to mind because by my failure to stay alert, I have allowed the enemy to devour me and my family (even if it is only for a minute, an hour or a day, that is too long).  Since I am being honest here...I also during these times feel the nudging of the Holy Spirit telling me that I need to sit and read my bible, spend time with God, spend time with my the word out loud to them, just bring God's presence into my home, plead the blood of Jesus over them.  If we are all honest with ourselves I thin you would agree that you have heard that voice you listen to it like you should??

God's presence is so incredible.  I am so thankful that in those times when I am distracted (as people tend to get at times) God has pulled me out, waken me up and put me right back on track.  He always reminds me in some wonderful way that he is faithful and forgiving and that he loves me.  Only God can fill that void in our hearts and only he can give everlasting peace, joy, comfort, fulfillment...

My new routine now includes getting up at 6:30 each day to spend 45 minutes to an hour in prayer, meditating in  the word of God, listing to God and his instructions and writing in my prayer journal (more on this later). I do this so that before anyone else in my house gets up, I am alert and on the top of my game and ready to share the love of God with my family and ready to teach them by Godly example.  Granted, I have a bad day every now and then just like the rest of us but by staying in tune with God and his plan for my life I am able to nip those bad days in the bud. This has been so wonderful and brings much needed peace to my days.  It gives me the direction that I need, comfort in God's promises and the strength to face whatever comes my way, but most importantly it gives me a Godly focus and direction to lead my family to live for God.  God first, family second and everything else last.  When we put God first, everything else falls into place.

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